How to Revive Your Sewjo

I absolutely love sewing. I love when I get an idea and I’m so excited about it that I have to get it out of my head and make it a reality. I love looking forward to having time to work on my projects and creating time (usually by staying up late) to keep working when I should probably be doing something else (like sleeping).

This is what sewists and quilters commonly refer to as “sewjo.” You know, like squeezing together “sewing” and “mojo” into one word. Recently I heard it called “sewing joy” and I liked that too! Either way, it’s real. And it’s important!

Sewjo can be kind of elusive though and at times seems to have a mind of its own, forcing us to feel as though we have to go looking for it. My sewjo wandered off recently and I really haven’t gotten pumped up about making anything for awhile.

Sooo… I asked my amazing customers, friends, and followers on IG to give me their best tips for reviving their sewjo and of course they came to my rescue! Just in case your sewjo is being a little bit mischievous too and you’d like some tips for tracking it down, here’s what they suggested:

  • Make a list
  • Choose a small, happy project (like Modern Makes)
  • Play some music while sewing
  • Clean your sewing space - vacuum, wipe down surfaces, etc.
  • Organize, fold, and put away your fabric
  • Buy new fabrics (from Great Heron Thread Co!)
  • Watch a fun show while you make notes and plan your next project
  • Give yourself some time to just chill
  • Try a 30 minute project like a dopp kit or pouch
  • Have a drink! 🥂
  • Make something that can be done in a day (like an easy pinnie)
  • Rest and allow yourself the break when you need it
  • Try a small FPP block project - something small enough not to overwhelm but enough to feel accomplished
  • Design in your mind, then start pulling fabrics
  • Plan! Google ideas, sketch on the iPad or paper, play with fabrics, make an inspiration board
  • Don’t force it - it will come back eventually
  • Get your scraps out and just sew them together at random - no thinking - it’ll turn out beautifully
  • Just do it!
  • Pinterest scrolling, museums, architecture, something I can be inspired by
  • Have a warm drink + get cozy

    I really love each of these suggestions and just hearing them all helped me feel at ease, remembering that inspiration and motivation are not meant to be constant but will always come and go. I was still eager to try some of them though! First I got myself some hot tea and tried to relax and stop overthinking things.

    I scanned my list of projects I’d like to work on and chose a quick, small project that I could finish in a day, have fun with my scraps, and use an FPP template so I didn’t have to stress over accuracy as much. This project was blocks for my quilt bee. One of my bee mates had requested scrappy courthouse steps blocks and they turned out to be just what I needed to get me to sit back down at my sewing machine!

    I love hearing from you — tell me in the comments if you struggle with losing your sewjo sometimes and how you’ve gotten it back!

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